Friday, March 18, 2005

BBC Bias?

Much of the UK blogosphere is particularly bothered about the license fee - in particular, they object to paying a license fee for a BBC whose news content they see as biased. Indeed, many bloggers spend much of their time detailing what they see as examples of BBC bias - one of them being An Englishman in Philly. Often I agree with them, and in general, I think that the BBC does have a slightly left-wing bias. More often that not, it's quite easy to spot.

But the one thing that never gets picked up on by the blogosphere is examples of bias running the other way. There may be less of it, or at least less prominent, but some programmes do broadly favour the Conservatives. The classic example of this is "This Week", just after Question Time on a Thursday every week. It fits the BBC bill - Diane Abbot representing Labour, Michael Portillo representing the Tories, Andrew Neil asking the questions. Yet all three of them are somewhat cynical towards the Blair government - Abbot being more of a Brownite, Portillo (although critical of the Tories also) having obvious axes to grind, and Neil just being a general cynic. Its general tone is critical towards Labour - and yet it never seems to get picked up on by those clamouring about BBC bias.