Saturday, April 09, 2005

Disturbing Google Results

I was looking at site traffic tonight, and found that one of the more common random Google hits we get is from people searching for the name Maxine Carr - although usually with something else added. It somewhat worries me and Richard these could be vigilante searches.

Why are people so interested in a witch hunt of this woman? Yes, she has done bad things, but she has more than paid her price for them - far more than other people convicted of similar wrongdoings. The media must look at themselves for this. They picked up on the Soham murder case because it was at a convenient point in the year; it snowballed to a level they then were unable to control because of their disproportionate response. And now they continue to vilify Carr, despite her peripheral role in the events that they are really critical of. When someone has to change their name and be guaranteed lifelong anonymity because of the actions of the media, then something is badly, badly, wrong.