Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Eavesdropping On The 8.56 to Paddington

Who should I find sitting opposite me this morning on the train but a Labour MP from a fairly marginal constituency?

While I couldn't make up anything of the NEC papers he was reading, it was amusing to hear his discussion with an aide regarding the fight squaring up in Bethnal Green. When George Galloway's verbal fisticuffs with Oona King were raised, and the fact that Galloway was threatening to unseat one of the few black women MPs (to which he has argued that she had voted for a war that killed people with darker skin than hers) , he remarked "yes, but it is Oona King, which does go a long way to justifying it". With friends like those, Oona may be in trouble...

As for the dismal attendence of MPs on the Friday of the Labour Party conference each year? Look to some new three-line-whip methods from Labour to increase the audience.