Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Kenometer

I've just realised what we can use to replace the woefully useless Swingometer: Ken.

While the Swingometer is fatally flawed for predictions as we enter into an era with demographic differences which will create, I suspect, a particularly non-uniform swing. instead, I think the best barometer of political success is Ken, who manages to straggle a territory we would broadly call "the centre" and has no attachment to a particular party. While I suspect he still retains an instinctive dislike for "the left", I genuinely think he would vote LibDem and will vote Labour, if they hit the policies he wanted.

While Ken is completely unrepresentative of the population in many ways- not least his interest in politics -I think he commands such dead central ground that nobody could capture Number Ten without convincing him. (Of course, given the oddities of certain constituencies that does not mean he'd vote for the party that impressed him, but that's not the point).