Saturday, May 21, 2005

Am I Mad?

I may be crazy to suggest this, but the kudos if I am right would be immeasurable. While the Economist speculates that Cheney will step down due to a heart condition in the next few years, to give Vice-President Rice a clear run at the Presidency in 2008, I think Jeb Bush has to move in 2008 or else he'll have been out of office as Governor for too long to command much attention in 2012 or beyond. A genuine dialectic emerged in the pub last night, as Ken and I discussed what could happen. We asked, how would you get Jeb to the Presidency without offending Americans by offering a dynastic succession in 2008? The answer: Cheney-Bush 2008; Cheney's the only Republican candidate who would be realistically willing to serve only one term, rather than get their full two. If Jeb is V-P or loses out to anyone else in 2008 for the nomination, and they win in 2008, then the Republican nomination is sewn up for them in 2012, if they want it. And Cheney seems the only one who wouldn't.

The good news for Ken and me, is that you'll all have forgotten this theory by 2008, if it is wrong. Whereas if it is right... well, you'll be seeing us link back to the post quite regularly.