Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Can't we have a choice?

Once again, the Royal Family have produced their annual expenditure report, full of self-congratulatory nonsense, such as saying they cost "only" 61p per heard, or that that they represent "value for money".

My point isn't so much that they cost £37 million a year. My point is that that money is being given to a family who are in their position purely by accident of birth. Whether the functions being performed by the Royal Family are being performed cheaply is totally and utterly irrelevant. In a democratic, meritocratic society, we should be able to choose whomever we like to fulfil those functions.

Thus if the Royal Family are so confident they provide the best value for money, then they should stand on a "Windsor Family" ticket. On the other hand, people might say that it is worth expanding the role of the head of state, and actually providing more services, but that cost a bit more.

Whichever - I don't mind. I don't mind paying more for the services provided by the Head of State, as long as I have some say in who it is. And that if I think they are doing a rotten job of it, I can turf them out. If I'm just paying money for the upkeep of one British family, then I want my 61p back.