Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Travel Blogging

I'm currently in the departure lounge at Newcastle airport waiting for a flight to Berlin. So, the next few days may be a touch light on the blogging side, although I'm hoping I will get sufficient net access to be able to give some thoughts on my travels. With any luck, Richard will pick up the political slack if that's your thing. And who knows - I may even have some sufficiently interesting conversations to put them up here too!

Travel notes - it never ceases to amaze me just how friendly most people are when you're travelling. The airport staff at Newcastle are never anything other than helpful; but there's a general travelling spirit that does, I think, foster friendship between total strangers simply because you're about to embark on some sort of journey. Maybe it's just my own personal love of travel, and the freedom and chance of discovery that it brings with it. But I do get a real sense of companionship just through very small conversations.