Monday, August 22, 2005

A Sense of Irony

From the BBC, an article entitled "Brazilians to probe Menezes case":

Arriving at Heathrow Airport, Brazilian government official Marcio Pereira Pinto Garcia said he and colleague Wagner Goncalves wanted "to understand a little bit better how the system works, how the IPCC works and what's the legislation that's going to be applied".

From the Amnesty International Report 2002:

Police officers and ''death squads'' linked to the security forces were responsible for numerous killings of civilians, including children, in circumstances suggesting that they were extrajudicial executions. Land reform activists, environmentalists and indigenous peoples in rural areas were killed or assaulted by military police or gunmen hired by local landowners.

...Members of both military and civil police continued to be responsible for numerous deaths, often in situations which indicated excessive use of force or extrajudicial execution. In São Paulo, the police ombudsman's office received reports of 481 police killings, the majority by military police, over the whole year. This was considerably higher than the 364 reported in 2000. ''Death squads'' continued to act with impunity in many states, with the participation or collusion of the police.

Now, any regular reader of this site knows that I am not the greatest fan of the Met's handling of this case. But where Brazil is concerned, the words pot, kettle and black come to mind.