Saturday, September 24, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

A year ago today, my first ramblings on this site were posted. A year on, and I can say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Partially this is because I remain very similar in some aspects of my personality - I enjoy ranting, and there are many things in the world which wind me up. Not for nothing is this blog linked to on ""

If I said that this blog began in Skinner's Tavern, Market Street, Philadelphia, then I'd be lying. I'd made an abortive attempt at starting a blog earlier. However, the encouragement of An Englishman in Philly certainly did go a long way to my actually making a decent fist of this attempt.

There are many more thanks, of course. The early links from Laban Tall were not only very generous and a huge surprise, but a (militantly!) moderate ego boost. I also really enjoyed the experience of helping out with Nick Barlow's General Election project, even if I have suspicions it could have been even better than it was. Since then, the help of occasional links on the Tim Worstall Britblog roundup have helped keep readership up.

Biggest thanks, of course, have to go to Richard, for his contributions since April. The good news is that his self-imposed exile may be coming to an end, and the occasional post will find its way here. Certainly his contributions, valuable in themselves, contributed much to the level and vitality of debate here.

The final thanks, of course, go to those of you who still come to this corner of the Web and find it sufficiently interesting to return. It's nice to think my random scribblings are able to find somewhat of a wider audience. I hope I'll still be thanking you in a year's time!