Thursday, October 27, 2005

SportBlog Roundup

Tim Worstall's been setting a trail ablaze with his BritBlog roundup, and there are all sorts of similar collective projects currently going on - Once More's Tory bloggers roundup, various carnivals of the godless and liberty (or even the ubercarnival), and this effort at Pickled Politics to name just a few.

One item that seems to have been neglected, however, is the realm of sport. I've seen some really good examples of sports blogging out there (this one at the Yorkshire Ranter, for example), but they rarely seem to get the prominence they deserve. I hope, in some small way, to change that.

In the spirit of the BritBlog roundup, I hope to be able to run a worldwide roundup of the best sport blogging there is. All angles are appreciated (regular readers will know I am a strong believer in the connections between sports and politics), and contributions are welcome on any sport under the sun, too.

In keeping with the tradition of sports at the weekend, writing afterwards, I think it's best if I am to put this up on Tuesday mornings. Whether this is a weekly or fortnightly thing depends on the number of submissions I get; at the moment I am aiming to kick this off a week on Tuesday, so the 8th of November.

Email submissions to me at sportblog at googlemail dot com