Tuesday, November 22, 2005

SportBlog Roundup #2

Welcome to the second edition of the extravaganza that is the SportBlog roundup - your one stop shop for everything that's been going on in the world of sports in the past fortnight. Whether you are hacked off by the haka, cut up about Shahid Afridi or cheering for the Colts, anything related to sports is welcome here. As ever, send me links to what you think I've been missing at sportblog at googlemail dot com.

To begin with this week, Tom G at Balls, Sticks and Stuff asks us the rhetorical question, Aren't we all Charlie Brown?:
And, whenever my round of golf is over and I head home, settle into a chair, and turn on the Phillies, I just know they are going to win, even if they are in the midst of a five game losing streak.
He also finds evidence that Samuel Alito is more unqualified for the Supreme Court than we first thought.

Continuing the Philadelphia theme, Manata has pictorial proof that it is the Philadelphia Flyers goaltender, and not the moon, which is really made of swiss cheese.

Moving back to Britain for a little while - Jonathan at Liberal England firstly deserves credit for finding what is undoubtedly the quote of the fortnight. He also isn't impressed with Tony Blair's appearance on Football Focus. It's funny how politicians try and gain credit from appearing on these programmes and end up looking like the publicity-seeking whores they are, isn't it?

One of the two Daves on Soccer visited Highbury this last week, and comments on his experiences of his first match in London.

This ode to frustrated fandom is courtesy of Chris Young at Just Another Blog on Sports (JABS for short - clever, eh?), which is well worth a look at more generally for consistently interesting comment and informative links.

Eric McErlain at Off Wing Opinion proves that bloggers are taken somewhat more seriously in the US than they are in the UK - not only did he get a special invite to a Washington Capitals NHL game from their owner, he also got introduced to everyone as a "blogger". Not sure that would open too many doors over here! His account of his meeting can be found here, with a follow-up here.

Yet more NHL blogging comes courtesy of Christy, who writes quite a monumental piece on Detroit legend Steve Yzerman. I'm not an avid NHL fan, but anyone who can inspire this much writing and sentiment has to be worth reading about.

Will at the Corridor of Uncertainty has a succinct but cutting piece about Shahid Afridi's desire to hold the dual role of cricketer and groundsman. Zainub throws her view in, too.

Bleed Blue 'n White salutes Penn State's legendary long-serving coach Joe Paterno. No surprise there then.

Sania Mirza is the heroine of Indian tennis, but is somewhat less popular with certain Muslim groups for playing in revealing clothing. Good Times and Bad Times, and Lazy Susan both post further thoughts on her recent statements.

Hero's Code explains the virtues of performing the haka - and, in the process, helps confirm my view that the haka gives an unfair advantage to New Zealand. Think of England shares my cynicism. Sticking with the egg-chasers, Londonist reflects both on the England - New Zealand match at the weekend and the thought processes that should have informed the decision making process on who hosted the 2011 World Cup.

To finish off, I guess I have to include something on the final qualifications for the football World Cup to be held this summer. Nicholas Laughlin writes of his celebrations that Trinidad and Tobago made it through to Germany, whilst Roi Ankhkara hopes that it will be good for the development of the nation. Adrian is almost certainly the first, and probably the last, person to adopt Switzerland as his chosen team in place of Kenya. Finally, Australia are celebrating reaching the World Cup finals, with the experience recounted in a long post here. I suppose they have to find something to celebrate now that they can't beat England at cricket or rugby!

That's all for now; I'll have another update in a fortnight's time. Please send any submissions to sportblog at googlemail dot com - editorial control isn't very strict! As a side note, I may make this a weekly roundup if I get sent enough information. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the roundup, see you in a fortnight!