Saturday, December 17, 2005

Making Quizzes Redundant

One of the joys of having a SiteMeter counter for this site is seeing some of the Google searches that see people find their way here. Today, there have been two or three hits both looking for precisely the same quote: "No disrespect to Ashley Giles, but what use is he in the side?"

Although I blog from time to time about cricket, no search looking for Ashley Giles has wound up here, as far as I can remember. However, today's post brought me my monthly copy of "The Wisden Cricketer", complete with Christmas quiz. Sure enough, one of the rounds was "who said the following...", with the aforementioned Giles quote as part two. Amazing how even a well-researched quiz can be reduced to little through judicious use of a search engine (there are only five unique results for the quote).

For those of you wondering, it was Dave Houghton, by the way.