Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SportBlog Roundup, #6

We interrupt this transmission to bring you the sixth edition of the SportBlog roundup. As ever, the aim is to bring you, the dear reader, the best posts on the topic of sports from right around the world. It's only as good as you and I can make it though; all submissions are gratefully received - show me the pieces I'm missing!

sportblog at googlemail dot com is the address.

First up this week is this effort from BlogTO. He's beginning to lose his faith in sports thanks to Vince Carter - it's an excellent essay on the capacity sports have to make us feel numb. A further testament to the travails of fandom can be found at Balloon Juice.

Next is the Sports Economist, who writes about one company's efforts to trade on fan loyalty by offering options markets on tickets for big games. If you're still hoping Burton Albion make the FA Cup final, but fear you won't be able to procure a ticket, this could be your solution!

The Yorkshire Ranter points out that talk of Portsmouth's imminent climb up the Premiership table may be highly exaggerated.

Will at the Corridor of Uncertainty has his tale of how he fell in love with the game of cricket; the comments section looks like it's shaping up to be interesting, too.

The Golf Blog talks up Michelle Wie, pointing out that on her day she is more than able to hold her own with the big boys.

The Detriot Tiger Weblog, meanwhile, shows that even in the dead of winter, memories of the season gone by can keep you warm and contented.

Matt Fenwick analyses the view in the NHL that more penalties (and thus more powerplays) means more scoring; Tom Benjamin provides some follow-up. This is one of the things blogging should be used for - starting a debate and refining the ideas as thoroughly as possible.

Indian cricket has some statistical analysis by way of previewing the current series between India and Pakistan. The First Test, though, was a complete nonentity - the pitch was far too flat and from the moment India started their innings it was clear there wasn't going to be a result. Tarun pretty much agrees with me.

England's seen quite a bit of controversy this weekend over the Fake Sheikh's Sven Sting; quite why it surprises anyone given his past record is beyond me. Earley Edition and Mackem Steve both have their take on it, but the best comment on the matter comes from the outsider's perspective of the United Irelander (who also wins this week's award for best pun).

Cheryl has her take on pretty much the entire slate of this weekend's European Cup rugby matches.

Balls, Sticks and Stuff has an acerbic take on Bruce Sutter's election to the Baseball Hall of Fame; meanwhile, A Large Regular has had it with the election process. And from what I can gather, rightly so.

Matt investigates the likelihood of match-fixing having taken place in the BBC Darts World Championship last weel.

Finally, you'd think that Pittsburgh knocking the highly-touted Indianapolis Colts out of the playoffs would be enough to make your fans cheer - not for this fan though. That's a whole lotta hate!

That's all for this fortnight - please keep your submissions coming, all are welcome. See you shortly!