Saturday, February 25, 2006

Boycott the Mitre

Today was an interesting experience - I was interviewed for Irish radio, used as a pawn in political propaganda and saw one of my friends ruin many minutes of TV footage. But I will have some more thoughts on the march later.

The point I want to make now is that the Mitre pub in Oxford is obviously run by idiots. After the march, I went for a drink with a couple of friends, carrying the banner that had been kindly given to me earlier in the day. Not particularly wanting to cause an argument or take up space, I turned the placard toward me so that it couldn't be read by anyone.

This wasn't good enough for the Mitre staff. Despite having wandered in carrying the thing upright, halfway through my drink I was asked to leave. Thankfully, I was able to reason with them that I wasn't making any display of it, and in any case wanted to finish my drink which I hadn't been prevented from buying.

The thing is, I couldn't possibly have been causing offence to anyone in the pub. I was chatting to a friend about photography, and no-one could read whether my placard was pro- or anti-testing. It was the petty gripe of a jobsworth. So, that's the last time I'll be going to the Mitre for a while. Who wants to go to a pub where opinions aren't allowed?