Tuesday, April 11, 2006

SportBlog Roundup Revived #2

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the sporting extravaganza that is the SportBlog Roundup, now in its new, improved weekly format. All the best bits of the blogs about the sports that you love from right across the world.

As ever, submissions should be sent to sportblog at googlemail dot com - all submissions gratefully accepted.

First up this week is Sports Filter's "slap to the top corner in overtime", with an excellent essay on the woes of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Dayorama has an excellent aside on the more sedate nature of golf commentary.

Sportszilla analyses the late-season surge of the New Jersey Nets (this list of recent sporting events is also worth sticking with).

Mike's Rants has an in-depth look at the statistical likelihood of hitting streaks in baseball. A bit heavy for the casual viewer, but it's an excellent example of the in-depth analysis blogs can provide.

Stumbling and Mumbling looks at the economics of Wayne Rooney's gambling, while, on the same subject, Get My Coat points out that the business of football can provide some amusing little moments.

Danny Boy, on the other hand, praises Rooney's temperament under pressure. I'm not so sure - I can see English hearts being broken through Rooney seeing red in Germany.

Eric Thomas has an excellent rant against the "sport" that is NASCAR, and has some comments on Brett Favre's impending retirement for good measure.

On the subject of Brett Favre, The Cancer Blog sympathetically analyses what might be going through his mind right now.

The Big Picture laments the lack of big sporting events coming up in the US calendar. I was going to suggest moving to England, but unless you enjoy watching Birmingham City play football (I'm a fan, and I don't), then there won't be much here either. Maybe the end of the rugby season - but it goes on so long now that it feels like a damp squib to me.

Talking of rugby, Tabula Rasa covers Sunday's Powergen Cup final. Gwyn has a small report of the event, but the post is most memorable for the anecdote at the end.

Mezba has a superb post on the links between sport and superstition - how inexplicable they can be!

Karl, blogging at Mike on Cricket (go figure), has an entertaining round-up of how the Australian media have reported the difficulty of their batsmen to figure out those tricky Bangladeshi bowlers.

Rachel from North London describes the ritual of going to place Grand National bets.

And finally, Scott at the Corridor of Uncertainty has his own take on Australia's cricketers - and figures the situation could be even worse if Bangladesh had practice in those situations.

That's all for this week - catch you next week, same time, same place. They think it's all over... it is now!