Sunday, May 21, 2006

Praise the Lordi!

Normally, with events like the Eurovision Song Contest, I like to make arguments about the cultural and political significance that is tied up in them. My interest in the desire of Lebanon to compete alongside Europe's, er, finest, for example.

What can be said today about the triumph of Lordi, then?

Firstly, despite their self-description, faithfully reported by the media, as "horror rock", if today really is the "Day of Rockoning", then there really isn't much to be scared about. It sounds pretty much like a pop-rock song by numbers to me, and the only thing remarkable about them is their costumes.

This brings me on to my second conclusion, which is that Finns are mad. What other conclusion can you draw from a country that hosts the world championships of air guitar, sauna sitting, wife-carrying, and mobile phone throwing? This isn't a stereotype; all Finns are quite possibly certifiable.

On another Eurovision note, was it only of interest to me to find out that Arsenium (yes, seriously), the Moldovan entrant, was a member of the truly excreable O-Zone, responsible for the Europop tragedy that was Dragostea Din Tei? Yes?