Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Midterm Predictions

I'm currently sitting in what has become my customary election night bunker watching the Sky News coverage of the US mid-term elections. I particularly like election nights because they allow me to indulge my fascination with political trivia without being made to feel like a social outcast.

Anyway, before I tuck in to my array of American-themed snacks, I thought I'd break my blogging hiatus (not by design, more due to the fact that there hasn't been anything I've particularly felt inspired to write about) to make some preliminary predictions for the evening.

To some extent, it's regurgitating conventional wisdom, but I expect the Senate to stay Republican and the House to go to the Democrats. Including the 2 independents likely to caucus with the Democrats, I predict the Senate going 51-49; and the House to have about a 15 seat majority for the Democrats. I will check in tomorrow for more detailed reactions.