Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The meeting point of politics and culture

Nick at a Fistful of Euros has an excellent post about how culture often is a strong indicator of politics. Apparently Lebanon wanted to enter the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but pulled out when they were told they had to screen the Israeli entry on their TVs. Follow the link, and then you'll get more reading material from his post.

The one thing that disappoints me is that he considers his post to be lowering the tone of the blog. Far from it. There is nothing "low" about looking at national identity and how often unconscious assumptions about politics are embodied in all sorts of pastimes that people don't consider to be political. Indeed, I often question how accurate separating social and cultural history from political history really is. Where there are people, there are politics. Analysing culture is often the best way of finding out people's true political opinions.