Friday, April 22, 2005

The 1952 Committee: A Follow-Up

When the Conservative Party lost its nerve and backed the ID cards bill introduced by the Government, a group of Tories admirably signed themselves up to the 1952 committee-- pledging that they had quit their party over ID cards and would not support the Tories at the next election.

The 1952 Committee was created when the Conservative party, under Michael Howard, backed the introduction of ID cards. For some conservative bloggers this was the final straw and many of them started to declare on their blogs that they would not be voting Tory at the next election. I began collecting and listing these declarations under the 1952 Committee heading chosen because it was the year in which Winston Churchill abandoned ID cards in post war Britain.

This website features on the 1952 committee website, as Ken signed up to the same pledge. My question to those bloggers is: are you going to stick to that promise? I'll send an e-mail to every standard member of the 1952 committee and see if they are still willing to publicly repudiate the Conservative Party and stick to their guns. I will report back on my results.

The 1952 committee made a stand on an issue where they felt fundamental civil liberties were at sake, and I hope that people who proudly boasted of their principles on that issue then will stick to them now. Even if they don't, I hope the immigration issue will make many of the more moderate Conservatives I know rethink their vote before polling day.