Saturday, April 09, 2005

BEWARE: Spoilers For Non-Brit Who Fans

If you're a Doctor Who fan and haven't watched the BBC's screening of the new series, stop reading now.

If you have seen them, then take a look at this article by Nick Barlow. He is intrigued at exactly what it is that killed Gallifrey, and I have to say, the Daleks must be a big bet given how they were always hyped as the perfect killing machines. Let's be honest after the Doctor's antics over the years, he alone provides them with a motive. Anyway, kudos to Nick for making this a legitimate topic for blogging, because it is an excellent artistic choice by Davies and the other writers. The new Doctor is commendably dark and I think this seems to be an excellent twist. Nick's surely onto something in suspecting that it is all a plot arc that will be revealed. Bravo! Now, if only the next Doctor wasn't some wimpering pup and was one of the far, far worthier actors who were considered (such as Richard E. Grant, Alan Davies and, apparently, Stephen Fry).