Thursday, April 28, 2005

Election Campaign a Bore

So says the BBC entertainment website, anyway.

But do the media admit their culpability? Have a wild guess...

Mr Dignam said: "The figures show that despite all the efforts of broadcasters to connect with real people during this campaign - the process is turning off viewers and failing to connect.

"For all their efforts to 'connect' with viewers, broadcasters are experiencing the same problem as the politicians - TV audiences are simply finding the campaign a bore."

Well, maybe it's the media companies themselves that are to blame? As I said at the start of the campaign, the media are far more interested in trying to fit their own agendas rather than tackling issues in depth. Rather than, say, doing a really good piece about what has gone well and what has gone wrong in Iraq, the papers prefer to find the "human interest" angle. The TV coverage is often even worse - how does a few garbled words from passers-by on the Conservative manifesto (to take an example from Sky News in this campaign) really help us understand the issues behind it?

The media love to have their cake and eat it - report apathy and low turnout and criticise the political parties for not doing enough to engage with the public. The problem is far more that whenever attempts are made to make politics "relevant" (whatever that means), all the companies change is their presentation. It's the lack of content that's the problem!