Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Immoderate Quantities of Moderate Militancy

What began with a plug on this blog ends here: the blog From The Dustbin Of History, where Ken and I have been posting in a collaborative effort for the past 3 months, is closing it's doors, as I move acorss to Miliant Moderate. With only two of our group of four friends posting on the Dustbin, in seemed wise to consolidate here, where Ken seems to have picked up a fair bit of traffic. I hope I live up to my own expectations by rapidly decreasing the volume of traffic.

As Ken mentioned in his welcome post below, I have backdated my better posts from the old blog into his archives. Two I particularly liked, which I'll plug here, as they never got much comment first time around:
Let Oxford Burn On A Pyre Of Heathenism
Procedure, Tradition & George W. Bush