Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not Looking for a New England

The Guardian today carried this article about general election blogging - whilst, of course, failing to mention the most useful GE site of them all. It was a pretty lazily researched article that served far more use in filling up space than actually telling the reader anything. So rather like a typical Guardian article, really.

In any case, I particularly wanted to take issue with this comment:
As that bias suggests, the majority of British blogging is leftwing. And almost all the bloggers seem to be male, which suggests at least one institutional problem of the old media has not yet been corrected by the newcomer.

From my experience of blogging and blog-reading, that assertion is not at all the case. Whilst there are some very good left-wing blogs, I tend to find that the average blogger is fairly right-wing, and somewhat reactionary in tendency. This may, of course, be the tendency of bloggers to get stuck into particular circles (ironic, then, that we are in more of a right-wing network given my centrism and Richard's "self-hating white liberal" status).

Why are bloggers generally right-wing, then? Well, my theory is that left wingers want to go out and save the world. Whereas right-wingers prefer moaning about it.

So why do Richard and I pontificate here? Because we're just too lazy to get out of our chairs and change things.