Wednesday, April 13, 2005

'That's all, Folkestone' for Howard?

In the discussion of the Tories' maybe-future-leader David Davies, on this blog, Nosemonkey mentioned the interesting Private Eye suggestion that Michael Howard himself was in for a genuinely difficult ride. While I had assumed LibDem threats on Folkestone were mere sabre-rattling, the Eye reckons that the situation is ripe for a shock. Howard's Labour rival in the seat, where the LibDems are placed second, is a convert to Blairism since 2001 and was a fairly prominent Tory before that. While the dear comrades in Folkestone have carried on voting Labour all these years despite their appalling chances, there is talk that a significant number may vote LibDem tactically... and if that happens, Howard's in trouble.

Then again, the fact it's tipped in Private Eye probably means it won't happen.