Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I'll post more about where I think Europe may go in the future once I have a bit more time (ie, once I've got my exams out of the way, and once the Dutch have voted), but in the meantime James Oates has a thoughtful post about the French rejectionists on his blog:

If we follow the logic of the rejectionists, then the European Union should reject the free market altogether. The Social Model becomes for these people, not a sanity check on free market economics, but a replacement for them. There is a country that went down this road in the 20th century. In 1946 it was the world's fourth largest economy on several measures. However, although nominally democratic, it was even then in the hands of corrupt power elites who disdained to engage in political dialogue with the electorate. Instead of embracing free markets it abandoned them to corrupt cabals who then nationalized industry wholesale. The result was a populist nationalist government that completed the journey into corrupt Socialism. That country was Argentina.

Go and read the rest of it.