Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Missing The Point Again

Apologies to the members of the 1938 Committee, but I'm returning to the issue of ID Cards again. I will reiterate my promise not to consider voting Conservative until they fundamentally alter their stance on ID Cards - not just the pragmatic, leadership-challenge-orientated stance adopted by David Davis, that their use must be proven beyond doubt, but an unequivocal statement that the compulsory carrying of an ID Card is an affront to civil liberties and pernicious to individual freedom.

My specific objections today, however, are limited to Tony Blair:
Tony Blair has told MPs that identity theft costs the UK "billions of pounds
each year" as a second attempt to bring in identity cards begins.

Identity theft is evil, a menace and a right royal pain in the arse for anyone unlucky enough to fall foul of the crime. But ID Cards will not solve the problem of identity theft at all. The problem with all technology is that whatever gizmos and gadgets are used by the government to make the ID cards safe, the organised criminals will not be far behind. Quite apart from the fact that I fundamentally believe there is no need for the government to have such details on a central identity register, criminal rings will soon find a way of using techniques to create fraudulent ID Cards. Of course, the government cannot introduce such a scheme admitting these things, and so complacency as to the efficacy of their scheme will most likely set in. Thus the problems of identity theft may in fact worsen, as criminals make fraudulent copies of identity cards whilst the government refuse to accept that such a thing is possible.