Thursday, June 23, 2005

God Save The Queen

Ken has recently indulged in some republican nonsense.

The fact is, that for all the trendiness of attacking our glorious sovereign, fashionable lefties like Ken don't properly appreciate that while constitutional monarchy is imperfect, it is, like capitalism and democracy, far better than any of the alternatives available. An elected head of state, as Ken seems to advocate, would be a divisive figure of political influence, who would interfere with the executive power and authority of the cabinet (note: the cabinet, as distinct from the Prime Minister).

An apolitical monarch, who is impotent and a non-divisive figure, is the best of bad options when it comes to a head-of-state. I'd like to see the theoretical powers of the monarch curbed-- purely in the interests of good constitutional housekeeping. But the current Queen is a template of how Britain has successfully separated the state from the government; something the United States has markedly failed to do.

While this is exactly the sort of hard-left glory-seeking I expect from Ken, his argument needs to extend better than complaining about his 61p.