Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Bishop's Husband

The Church of England has undoubtedly taken a major step forwards today, as regards the vote of the General Synod. It paves the way for women bishops, although as I understand it the first ordination of female bishops will be a long way away.

Of course, there are threats of renegade priests leaving the Church to join the Roman Catholics. To them, I ask the following question - what sort of God would say that only half the population he placed on the planet are fit to act as interpolators of his guidance? Why would he condemn his own people to such inferior statues?

And to those who believe that leaving the Church of England is the best way forward - why, in an era of greater ecumenicalism, do you think that divisive splits help spread the message of God? Why do you think that presenting the image of an uncaring God helps save more souls? Why can you not set aside your differences and focus on what is the most important message of all - to love your neighbour as yourself?