Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Quick Notes

Currently sitting in an internet cafe in Mainz, and don´t really have a huge amount of time for new observations. Will stick to a few comments about Live 8 and sport:

Live 8 - was it really worth all the fuss it seemed to be getting in the British press? I was watching in Germany, and whilst the Philadelphia concert in particular seemed to be amaying, the atmosphere at the other concerts seemed a little tepid - although that may well have been due to the fact that we were forced, through TV coverage, to concert-hop.

I also love the way people think making all this noise will actually make a real chance of changing things at the G8 summit. It may well feel good to get blanket coverage, but the G8 meetings are always at their least effective when they have the most publicity. There are normally at least two people there with conflicting viewpoints - and when negotiations and talks like this are carried out under the glare of the world´s media, then the leaders are less likely to back down and appear weak to their own people.

Cricket - let´s hope our batsmen find form soon! If Harmison and Flintoff keep bowling like they have been doing we have every chance in the Ashes.

Rugby - Well, it looks like picking Gavin Henson and Shane Williams didn´t really make the team that much more successful or exciting - just allowed the All Blacks to take us apart defensively (which, I think, was the point of Woodward´s original team selection).