Friday, July 29, 2005

Now I'm Worried

Slugger O'Toole - a fantastic site if you're interested in all things Irish - share my cyncism regarding the IRA statement yesterday:

THE IRA statement is now out, giving volunteers an order to dump arms - which we expected a number of years ago. The rest is the usual IRA-style statement - you could have written it yourself, it's so predictable. As we're watching the breaking news on Sky, there's a collective shrug in this office. Frankly, no-one really cares what the republican movement says any more, because no-one believes it - it's what it does that counts from here on in.

Of course, I'm now getting very worried about this whole thing. BBC News is reporting that the Army is dismantling its security watchtowers in light of yesterday's announcement. Was some sort of deal struck over this? And, more to the point, is it wise to dismantle security towers until we've seen some pretty concrete evidence of weapons being decommissioned beyond use?