Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More IRA Fears

I've already blogged about how concerned I am about British actions regarding the latest IRA statements. As far as I am aware, we still haven't seen a single shred of evidence that any more arms have been decommissioned since the announcement of an end to the "armed campaign" last week. Yet we're in the process of dismantling watchtowers and announcing the phasing out of Army regiments in the area already. I bet there are a large number of IRA members who are laughing at the British government right now for their willingness to accede to all these demands. As a result of the Good Friday Agreement there has already been all sorts of appeasements made to murderers. And as I wrote in my last post, if something is wrong it is wrong. Would the shooting of a soldier by a criminal, not a republican terrorist, really have been punished by a one-year prison sentence?

Anyway, this article on Slate suggests that the IRA still considers itself at war; that it will continue with its criminal activities. Apparently even with disarmament, according to the provisions of the constitution, a General Assembly has to be called for the abandonment of "war", rather than just a ruling council.