Monday, September 26, 2005

Conservatives To Blame For Death of Jesus and Smallpox

Is Gordon Brown real? Is he not turning more and more into a Private Eye spoof? He may not have noticed from his Treasury citadel, but Labour have been in power for two full terms of government now. That means they should be able to stand on their own record. So it's bad enough that it's obligatory for any Shadow Cabinet speech to include references to Thatcherism, now 20 years ago. Would Blair and Brown really like to be judged on what they advocated back then?

Today, however, Brown took this comparison to new levels - actually referring to conservative opposition to slavery and child labour! I can see some slight justification in comparisons to the late 20th Century, as cowardly as they are. To pretend that a modern party can be blamed for actions of people loosely linked to them back in the early 1800s defies all logic. It's even more perverse when he's harking back to a time when there wasn't even a Labour party.

It's nothing short of pathetic. It's no wonder people lose faith in politics when tribal allegiance seems to dictate matters more than actually making a difference in this century. Does Brown have so little to say that he can only try and gain credit going back to the 19th century?