Friday, January 20, 2006

Rank Hypocrisy

Labour councillors are desperately trying to get their name in the press, it seems:

Former Oxford Mayor and county councillor John Power, 67, was the Labour Party candidate for the Oxford West and Abingdon in 1987.
He said: "I was a moderate but Huhne kept trying to depict me as a dangerous extremist and this was the guy trying to break into the Indian Institute. These are the people peddling moderate liberalism and this is their background -- and he wants to lead the party."

Maybe Mr Power should drop some of his rank hypocrisy. Lets look at some of the prominent figures in the Labour party, and see their backgrounds:

Alan Milburn used to run a Marxist bookshop.

Peter Mandelson is a former member of the Young Communist League.

John Reid was an ex-Communist.

That's not all, of course - Stephen Byers is another who was famously an ex-Marxist. I'd say that was far more dangerous than ill-advised behaviour on a student protest over thirty years ago. It's pathetic when this is what gets dredged up; just as it was pathetic when people tried to discredit David Cameron over what he did at university (even if I still think he was misleading the public with his answers). I must say I'm far more worried about Marxists than I am about campaigners for a student union.