Wednesday, February 01, 2006

SportBlog Roundup, #7

Belated greetings to this, the seventh edition of the SportBlog Roundup. It may be slightly late, but it's your usual fun-packed compendium of all the best sports blogging of the past fortnight. Looking back at the Australian Open, Duncan Ferguson and the England manager speculation, and looking forward to the Super Bowl and the start of the Six Nations, there's an awful lot to be packed in. But just before we begin, another plea for submissions: send them to sportblog at googlemail dot com

First up this week is The Filter, with this piece on Duncan Ferguson and his uncanny ability to get sent off for violent conduct. Yet apparently he isn't a dirty player. I must say, I'm not convinced.

Next is the Sports Prof, with a lament about the passing of old stadiums. In particular, he wonders whether the buildling of state-of-the-art ballparks will mean that young people today lose their sense of the game's history. Stadiums come and go, but the experiences we had at them remain forever. And that's probably the way it should be. Well worth a read.

The Sports Law Blog has an interesting tale of how the MLB (baseball) authorities tried to help ease the suffering of US hostages in Iran once they returned home.

The roundup couldn't have gone without mentioning Marcos Baghdatis, the Cypriot who came from nowhere to reach the final of the Australian Open and ran Federer close for a while. Here's a story from Odd Jack when he reached the semi-final. Citizen on Mars, meanwhile, waxes lyrical about Roger Federer's sheer ability.

Joe Tasca wishes that referees in the NHL were given a little more discretion.

It would have been impossible to let this roundup pass without a tranche of posts about the Super Bowl, possibly the biggest sporting event in the world. Ty Hildenbrandt wonders where all the tickets are going. MooreSports gives his rundown of his favourite Super Bowl moments. And for those of you who eat too much come Super Bowl Sunday (he says, looking in the mirror), the Healthy Recipe Doctor has some tips. Personally, I think she's on a losing cause, given February 1st is apparently the biggest day for chocolate sales every year.

But enough about the atmosphere, I hear you say. What about the game? Here's the first and second parts of 12 Seahawk Street's fairly detailed preview (the rest of his blogging this week is well worth a look too). The Crushed Optimists have another look from a Seahawk point of view. And one more preview, from the Sports Page, here. Finally, Ryan Wilson wonders just what Pittsburgh might do when the season is finally done.

Chicago Addick tries to have an objective look at the candidates for next England manager, but spoils it all at the end by picking the Charlton manager. How predictable. (Only joking, take a look). 45 Minutes Each Way fears that England will follow their recent habit of choosing each successive manager as a reaction to the last. Mark S at World Cup Today is throwing his weight behind Sam Allardyce. Good choice, as long as it's protection for a fight.

The State of Play fears for Wales, both in the upcoming Six Nations, and in the long term, whilst club rugby retains its current organisation. Speak Performance, meanwhile, is unimpressed that Lawrence Dallaglio has made it back into the England squad.

That's about it for this fortnight, but all submissions are gratefully accepted, and I'll be back with more in a little under two weeks.