Wednesday, April 19, 2006

SportBlog Roundup Revived, #3

Hello, and welcome once more to the SportBlog Roundup, which modestly attempts to get the best bits of blogging from around the world collated here in one manageable lump. The principle remains the same - you watch the sport at the weekend, write about it early in the week and let me know about it so I can include it here on a Tuesday.

All submissions are gratefully accepted, so please let me know about your work! sportblog at googlemail dot com remains the address.

First up this week is Stumbling and Mumbling. I'm a big fan of this blog, because Chris Dillow takes the time to find a new and interesting angle on what is currently in the news. He makes the cut this week for explaining just why conventional wisdom is not the best way of choosing the next England manager.

One thing that compiling this roundup has taught me is that blogging isn't just about the written word, and a great inventive use of video proves the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. This recreation of a classic World Series match using the RBI Baseball video game is a real gem.

In anticipation of the summer's World Cup, Sportolysis is conducting an interview with someone from every single participating country. Looks like a series well worth following; here is the edition on Iran.

Jenny Thompson is guestblogging at the Corridor of Uncertainty about her cricketing travels in India. As I look out of the window to be greeted with grey skies, I can't help but feel very jealous!

Eric McErlain at Off Wing Opinion has a statistical prediction of the NHL playoffs. He doesn't let his obvious enthusiasm get in the way of strong analysis.

Gaurav Sabnis at Vantage Point has the best description of Jason Gillespie's batting I have come across. Can't deny Gillespie his moment in the sun, but really, for him to be scoring 201 in a Test shows how including Bangladesh in official statistics devalues them heavily.

Complete Sports has an analysis of the quest to become NBA MVP, complete with rankings and some solid judgement.

JayWalk laments the virtual certainty of Chelsea winning the Premiership, but points out that Manchester United fans were a bit greedy if they expected to win 14 straight games to take the title.

Nigel Blues has a great report on Cardiff City's Good Friday clash with Sheffield United. Maybe not the most glamorous of matches, but underlines how commitment to a cause can translate itself into compelling blogging.

I'm not normally a fan of liveblogging, but Chris Young at JABS does a very good job of it in this piece. In particular he gets across the real fun that a sports addict living in the US or Canada can have by channel-surfing.

Still over the Atlantic, New Mexiken has a great joke about Barry Bonds.

Donutball writes from the perspective of a Spurs fan preparing for heartache.

The Realest talks about the biggest freaks in NFL Draft History.

Uncle Monty eloquently denounces idiocy in goal celebration.

Scrumbag has a good old chortle at the expense of poor old Matt Dawson.

With the start of the domestic cricket season underway, and club cricket around the corner, expect a fair bit of cricket blogging over the coming months. Assuming my performances are remotely worth relating, of course. To celebrate, a couple of cricket-related posts. First, some New Year resolutions of GH Hardy.

And finally, news of the most expensive cricket ball ever created. All I can ask is this - how long will it take before it starts to reverse swing?