Thursday, March 24, 2005

Will this work?

One set of home-grown spin doctors is OK, but flying them in from Australia is obviously unacceptable. Labour must be rattled if they think that this is a remotely sensible strategy. If one party is connected with media manipulation, then it is Labour. The often mendacious ways of the spin doctors really should not have attention drawn to them in a successful strategy.

My guess is that voters will not respond well at all to attacks on campaigning style. If the Labour party have had one huge achievement, it is creating a clamour for substance rather than spin. Unfortunately substance is often too complicated for the media to convey without thought, and it gets lost somewhere in transmission. However, for a slick media machine to criticise another would be just another case of rank hypocrisy. And with the Labour lead in the polls, it is totally unnecessary to boot. Hatred of the Conservatives shouldn't boil over into ridiculous pettiness.