Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Darlington Double-Talk

I wouldn’t have thought this was the most sensible thing for Anthony Frieze, Conservative candidate in Darlington, to have been saying:

In Anthony’s view the vote reinforced the region’s, and Darlington’s, reputation for plainspeaking and straight talking; qualities that were conspicuously lacking in the Darlington area’s two MPs: “Tony Blair and Alan Milburn may be the MPs for this region but they are not of this region!”, Anthony declared.

Let’s look back at that biography again:

Anthony is currently a director at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in the City of London where he works with pension funds and institutional fund managers to improve investment returns by lending out their portfolios. He has been working in finance since leaving university…

Before standing for Parliament Anthony was determined to build a career outside politics, to experience the wider world and to start a family. Having done so, he is now enjoying getting to know the people of Darlington, not as a political “animal” but as someone who has had life experiences to which they can relate.

I love it when young candidates in no-hope seats try to make it sound as if they are genuinely committed to their constituency rather than waiting to be parachuted into a safe seat a couple of elections down the line. Let’s try another one:

The family knows the North-East of England well from frequent holidays.

Well, that’s me convinced.