Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Day In The Strife

Just back from campaigning for Steve Goddard in Oxford East: a thoroughly fun and interesting day.

We started at 5.30am in Oxford High Street where we were ferried up to the Wood Farm estate to deliver "Good Morning" leaflets. After that I teamed up with our County Council candidate Saj Khan, a taxi driver, who converted his cab into the Goddardmobile for the day (complete with placards in every window, almost). We picked up telling results from polling stations and dropped me off to do some knocking up (if you don't know what that means, I'm too tired to explain). This was very cool: I could get used to that.

I was pleased to bump into Oscar van Nooijen, a friend from college, who is Labour's candidate in Newbury. He and his team had, to quote Oscar, "won Newbury and come to help out here instead." Hm, bless. I hope he keeps his deposit.

The fun continued in the afternoon, with more knocking up. I clocked off at 5.30pm. Urgggh.

My predictions for Oxford East? It's still as tight as anything. I really don't know how it will end up, but I think we are still in with a chance. One thing's for sure: that this 10,000 Labour majority is in contention is a massive tribute to Steve Goddard, who would make such a great MP, and his workers who've been talking to the people of Oxford East for the past few years.