Monday, May 02, 2005

Oliver Kamm Signs Pact With The Devil

Time for everybody to link and laugh at Oliver Kamm. In his Times column, reproduced on his blog, Kamm endorses the Conservative party in his constituency, in order to get a pro-Iraq MP, in contrast to the Labour candidate there.

While Kamm and I don't agree over Iraq, I can at least understand his stance, consistent and internally logical, on it. Indeed, I don't have any of the tribalist disdain for voting Tory that he seems to have, if they were genuinely offering policies I agreed with. But for Kamm to put defense policy against wider principles of race and asylum, endorsing a party whose campaigning on those issues has been beyond the pale, is surely a blinkered betrayal of all principles he has besides Iraq. You don't have to agree with everything a party says to vote for them- and few of us could vote if that was the case -but there must some lines Oliver Kamm should beware of crossing.