Saturday, April 22, 2006

Playing Away From Home

I'm trying a new blogging venture; The Touchline Bawler. Don't fear, my regular diet of ranting and opinion will still appear here on a frequent basis. But one aspect of blogging that I enjoy a lot, and yet seems to get little coverage, is that of sportsblogging. The Touchline Bawler Presents... was the title of a column I used to write on a Wakefield RFC fan site a few years ago, and now seemed a good time to take that persona back off the shelf, dust it down, and bring it back better than ever.

Cross-postings will most likely occur, but I will be running a series of regular features over on the Touchline Bawler that I hope you think worthy of your attention. The first is my Diary of a Club Cricketer, where I bemoan the vagaries of the English weather. In the next week, too, expect the first of my World Cup previews, which I intend to do on a group-by-group basis.

Please take a look!