Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Flopsy Bunny

I am delighted to report that the ranks of the 1938 club are growingb by the day. Blithering Bunny has recently posted to back the Tories:

One of the Militant Moderates e-mailed a while back to ask whether I still intend to boycott the Tories over ID cards at the election. The answer is no. The Tories have softened their line on ID cards, and clearly a vote for anyone else will help Labour get in, and it is Labour with a large majority who present the real threat on ID cards.

I'm a little confused that the idea of a Labour majority is an issue now, but wasn't when Bunny signed up to the 1952 committee. Anyway, I thank him for being so straightforward and invite him to add the 1938 club's banner to his website.