Monday, May 02, 2005

You Cannot Be Serious

Despite my irritation at being inundated with emails, when my concerns about Labour lies have not been responded to, the amount of e-mail bumf I’ve had from Labour has been useful. For example, if I hadn’t given the Labour Party my e-mail address, I wouldn’t have known the following:

Labour has fought this campaign on a positive agenda for a third term:
maintaining our economic stability, increasing family prosperity, raising the
minimum wage and stepping up the investment in our public services.
Really? So scaremongering about Tory “cuts”, Tory “charges” to the NHS, and running a poster campaign asking voters to make a direct choice between Howard and Blair, or Brown and Letwin, is unrestrained positivism? They’ve obviously been taking lessons from the Liberal Democrats.

I expect that parties are going to run down their opponents during an election campaign. Let’s face it, it saves the bother of having to find coherent policies yourself. But please, please can you not insult the intelligence of the voters?

PS: If anyone from Labour HQ is reading this, you may have got the message: your emails aren’t going to persuade me to donate to your campaign fund.