Friday, September 30, 2005

Preventing Terror

We now know beyond any doubt the government cannot be trusted when they say that sweeping powers will only be used for the intended purposes. When an 82-year-old man is prevented from entering the Labour Party Conference Hall for the heinous crime of heckling, and this is justified by the use of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (2000, I'd like to point out - ie totally preceding the increased security risks we now face), something is seriously wrong.

Either the police are morons, or they have grossly abused their power, or both. And yet the media are letting the police away with it; turning their ire instead on the Labour Party. Their behaviour wasn't anything worth justifying, granted, but I'm far more worried by the antics of our law enforcement officials than I am by a few jumped-up yellow-jacketed stewards.

Perhaps the police would like to justify why they saw fit to use the Prevention of Terrorism Act to detain Mr Wolfgang at the conference? And then tell us how we can have any confidence or trust in their claims that they won't use any new powers granted to them in inappropriate ways?