Sunday, April 23, 2006

Racist on Two Counts

From the Sunday Telegraph:

Police forces should be allowed to fast-track job applicants from ethnic minorities, despite the practice being against the law, a leading officer has claimed.

Tim Worstall has his own take on why this is an incredibly dangerous statement (and one I am inclined to agree with).

My take on it is that it displays racism on two levels. Firstly, that it accepts the principle of discrimination on the basis of race, disadvantaging white people solely because of the colour of their skin.

More perniciously, however, isn't this also racist towards ethnic minorities? Are those from ethnic minorities really that much weaker that they need to be promoted on the basis of race, rather than on their own merits? Is the only way they can get into our police force by throwing out other applications based on subjective criteria? I don't believe that such a patronising attitude is positive at all. And if we want the laws upheld properly in our country, we need to have the best people in the job. Regardless of the colour of their skin.