Friday, May 06, 2005

If You Campaign That Way, That's What You Get

So, the failure of the Tories in Keighley is almost totally down to a swing from the Tories to the BNP, with the fascist bastards getting 9% of the vote. My impression on seeing the results is that if the Tories had run a more moderate campaign, they would actually be looking at a hung Parliament. If you pander to racist sentiment, then you risk stirring up even more trouble in racially divisive areas scuh as Keighley. That Griffin is able to get so many votes there is a sad reflection on Britain and Michael Howard must shoulder his part of the blame.

In other news, Richard is feeling much happier about the Lib Dem performance after the overturning of the majority of Barbara Roche in Hornsea. not surprising - to overturn something that strongly is a phenomenal effort, and suggests that seats such as Oxford East and some in Manchester may actually be in play. This, on the other hand, may be allowing a Tory renaissance in the previously yellow South-West - that is, that the repositioning of the Lib Dems as much more of a party of the left may actually be catching up with them in their efforts to be all things to all people, and so some heartland seats begin to unwind.

The other surprising result is Blaenau Gwent. I'm delighted by the vehemence of the majority. All-women shortlists are evil and illiberal and deserve to be totally quashed. Selection of candidates should be on merit and merit alone. Well done to Peter Law for protesting, he fully deserves his thumping majority.