Friday, May 06, 2005

Let The Tories' Post-Mortem Begin

If there is one thing, besides in-fighting, that Tories do well, it is post-mortems. I suppose they've had practice at them, and I suppose they need to do them well to provide sufficient material for their in-fighting.

Anyway, the Blithering Bunny is already explaining that Michael "Softy" Howard lost by driving the Tories too far to the left. I've already heard rumours that some senior Tories are saying similar things, but then there is the far more serious suggestion (in my opinion) that it was the offer of tax cuts and the focus on immigration that harmed them. Polls consistently showed that voters bizarrely thought taxes would go up under the Tories, and spending on public services fall-- a strange expectation, but indicative of the problems you have selling tax cuts to the public. They may not believe you, and even if they don't, you'll be slammed for spending cuts.