Friday, May 06, 2005

The National Picture

The election results tonight have been truly fantastic. Labour has recieved a shock it deserved, but Tory gains have been pathetic, with their vote share a mere 1% on their derisory performance last time. Only Labour voters staying away have helped them. This is very much "a plague on both your houses" result.

We should make certain to note that it is almost impossible to find examples of seats where Tories won due to LibDems. The fearmongering of Mr. Blair on that issue proved as reliable as the 45 minute dossier.

I'm pleased Labour will be in power, rather than the Tories, whose appalling predicament is reflected in the fact that any of them would be pleased with such an appalling show. The immigration issue probably cost them dozens of seats, and the race card has been exposed as the biggest disaster in modern campaigning. That Howard cannot win against a Prime Minister so unpopular as Tony Blair must be humiliating for him.

Finally, we have a tremendous result for the Liberal Democrats. 10,000 vote Labour majorities were swept away, and in Solihull we smashed the Tories. In Romsey and Brent East, by-election gains were consolidated, and in Leceister South we made a brave performance in a seat that was always unwinnable in a general election.

The tragedy for me is the election of George Galloway. His nasty party has had its win, but I very much hope it is its last. He deserves nobodies' respect.