Friday, May 06, 2005

LibDem Woe

The Lib Dems have a serious crisis facing them. They are making hugely impressive gains at Labour's expense, but making very few inroads against the tories, if any, and losing many seats to them. The positioning at the left has seen some great gains, but this will be an unwinding factor.

2005 may be to the Lib Dems what 1992 was to the Tories. On the face of it, some very good signs, but in reality very dangerous indeed. If, as is almost certain, Labour swings back to the left with Brown as PM, Lib Dem gains this time round will begin to unwind. And yet their base in the South and South-West will be considerably more shaky. I think we may be seeing the end of three-party politics if that trend is right. The Lib Dems have to make some pretty serious decisions about direction.