Friday, May 06, 2005

Fantasy Shadow Cabinet

The idea of a Cabinet reshuffle is quite boring, considering the most interesting question appears to be over exactly which job David Blunkett will get.

Far more interesting is thinking what you could do with some of the new talent the Tories have in parliament. This isn't a prediction, but what I'd do with the Shadow Cabinet. (Well, the ideal solution is to clone Oliver Letwin and fill the party with him).

Deputy Leader = Kenneth Clark
Shadow Chancellor = Oliver Letwin
Shadow Foreign Secretary = Tim Yeo
Shadow Home Secretary = George Osbourne
Shadow Minister for Education = David Cameron
Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury = Michael Gove (to be fast-tracked to one of the top 3 jobs ASAP)
Shadow Minister for Health = Liam Fox
Shadow Minister for Trade & Industry = Alan Duncan
Shadow Minister for Agriculture and the Environment = Andrew Lansley
Shadow Minister for Transport = Theresa May
Shadow Minister for Sport = Julie Kirkbride
Shadow Minister for the Arts = Boris Johnson
Shadow Minister for the Family = Theresa May
Party Chairman = Damian Green